Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Clothes do not make the (wo)man.

I have been cleaning out my closet, one section at a time (it's fitted with dividers/shelves -- done by the previous owner and I admit they are very handy).  I am trying to be RUTHLESS -- which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't -- but am still very successful in my clear-out.  I admit it helps that my sister often likes to have my hand-me-downs -- it's much more fun to get rid of things when someone else is excited about getting new stuff!  So tonight I cleared out my hanging skirts/pants.  Not only did I find about 6 things with the tags still on (YIKES), I found things that were about 5 sizes too small, and things that were dusty (yes, you read that right) from hanging up so long undisturbed.  If that doesn't send a clutter message, nothing does!

I finally made a decision to get rid of anything that was two sizes or more too small.  Even though most of my clothes are black and classic-cut (meaning they don't really go out of style) I do think that if I lost that much weight I would want to celebrate with some NEW things.  I did allow myself to keep things that were one size down, as that (to me) is a more tangible goal.  I put them in a chest under my bed, though.....seeing clothes I can't fit into everyday is actually not a motivator for me.  Instead, it just makes me feel bad.  Who needs that angst every morning?  Eventually I will have a closet filled with only clothes I can fit into and like. 

I got rid of a bunch of shoes, too!
I feel really good about the big stack of pants, skirts and dresses that is headed to my sister's house, and am ok with the small stack of items that I put aside for a possibly-smaller me.  And I feel even better about seeing more empty space on the hanging rods and shelves, and being able to see what I have instead of frantically digging every morning!  I'm thinking that by the end of the Spring I should have the whole closet done.  I'll let you know!!

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