Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It all adds up.

I've noticed that when I get overwhelmed by my clutter, it helps to focus on something really small.  It can usually get cleaned (fairly) quickly, and serves as a helpful tangible example of a completed task.

What I forget sometimes is that those little things aren't just compromises -- just because they are small doesn't mean I'm cheating by not attacking the big picture.  Those small jobs all add up to BE the big picture.  And each and every one of those small tasks can actually make a big difference, too.

Here's an example.  I love pencils.  For some reason I seem to write more neatly with pencils -- and I also love that they can have images/ads/etc. on them that I like (vintage brands, cute logos, whatever).  The downside to pencils is that they need sharpening, though!  I tend to get lazy about this and put the dull ones back in the pencil holder and so the next time I come along I have to pick through to find the one (or two) that is actually sharp enough to use.

(can you guess where I'm going, here?)

So today I actually SHARPENED those darn things.  I know -- a 4- minute task that a even a child can do.  But for some reason I kept putting it off....but now I have a handful of sharpened pencils and a whole LOT of satisfaction.  Small task, big reward.


  1. What a lovely feeling when you know that all your pencils will be ready to go next time you need them. I agree with you, little tasks like these all add up to get us more organised :)

  2. Hi Dreamer! It's funny, isn't it? Something so small but yet does help out in the long run!

  3. we miss you- how goes it?

  4. Hi!! Thank you for writing - I'm glad someone out there is thinking of me!! :)

    Life caught up with me and of course, the blog was one of the things that ended up by the way side. I am treading water now and hope to post again soon.

    Thank you so much for your note -- it made my day :)

  5. Hope you get to posting again soon :)