Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Keep on rolling.

It is SPRING here in NY!  So I ventured outside, with my ghostly indoor pallor, and checked out the car.  It's a MESS -- salt all over the floor mats, rocks from my (lovely -- I mean ICKY) gravel driveway filling every crevice, and random items all over the seats.  I pulled out my mini shop vac (love. this.) and some cleaning wipes (I know, not necessary but they make me like the job a little more) and got to work.  I vacuumed the whole car, wiped down every hard surface, and even cleaned the inside glass.  I got rid of:

-about 239478239847 paper napkins (don't worry, these will get used)
-a copy-paper box of items that belonged somewhere ELSE
-a beach towel that had been lounging around on the back seat (why?  what did it want from me?)

and I reorganized:

-put back together the tote of shopping bags and a quilt (I keep one in the car to protect/cover/pad things)
-collected a bag of items that were supposed to go to my office but I kept forgetting to take them inside with me
-put some winter items (like a snow scraper) back in the garage for the season

I rewarded myself with a little ladybug car freshener (not really necessary but awfully cute) and a big pat on the back.  My next-door neighbor asked how much I charge, so apparently Amy's Detailing Service is pretty good (when it's in business, that is)!

Forgot to take photos, but just picture a sparkling clean Jaguar and you've got the idea (let's just pretend I own a Jaguar, shall we?)....


  1. Of course, I've seen you around in it!

    Mind you, it's not as good as my Aston Martin DB9!

  2. Isn't that funny, for some reason I imagined you lived in an apartment. I guess it the was NY image I had. So you have a car, but you don't drive it in winter? It sounds like you did a good cleaning job - how much do you charge?!