Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Break it down.

I have been writing lately about being overwhelmed and you guys have had some great suggestions.  Jessiejack wrote:

Sometimes when I get overwhelmed, I do what I call a QFC (QuickFire Challenge ala top chef) I write down the next immediate 5 things to do. That could be small or big things - like take out the trash, make that phone call or pay the bills. It has to be doable and concrete. For some reason, I calm down and focus better. If I'm feeling frisky I may even put a timer on!:)

I love that idea!  I tried it today and can tell you it worked. And the other thing she didn't mention is that it energized me to keep going -- and do 5 more!  I think sometimes if we are faced with a giant mess (or even a regular mess) it can look so huge and insurmountable that there doesn't seem like a way to get it taken care of.  Choosing five do-able things -- that you know you can complete immediately and with success, is an awesome way to begin to tackle the beast.

The other thing I love about JessieJack's strategy is that since they are quick and complete-able (yes, I made that word up) tasks, you will really start seeing a difference quickly.

Thanks for the awesome advice, JessieJack!   And thanks to ALL of you - you all have shared some fabulous comments -- thank you so much!  You rock.


  1. That's great if writing a list works for you Amy, and it's a great suggestion. I find that for me, writing a list is a bit like when I write a shopping list. When I'm in the shop - I get distracted!

  2. Glad the QFC helps! I like it when I feel overwhelmed and frantic so that I don't have to take the time to decide what to do next. That decision process often takes too long and I get all analytical. This way I just work the next item - no thinking!

  3. Wendy -- that is a perfect analogy! I totally agree -- shopping or cleaning, a list keeps me on track. And no distractions!

  4. Jessiejack, you are so right. I think the list actually takes some of the work out of my hands, like you said, by making the decisions ahead of time. I never thought of it like that...so interesting.