Friday, April 29, 2011

Farewell Friday: Pant-astic.

On Fridays I say farewell to something that left my house during the week.  Here's today's Farewell Friday item....

I bought a few new pairs of Summer pants this week.  I decided that if new pants were coming in, old pants had to go -- and I stuck to my goal!  I tried on every pair of Summer pants (and organized the drawer, while I was at it) and got rid of several pairs.  The ones I got rid of either didn't fit or were simply pants that I didn't like.  They fit but didn't look good or make me feel good.  So out they go -- and they are in great condition (wish I hadn't spent the money) so they will make a thrift store shopper very happy!

Do pictures of pants become more interesting when you use cool filters?  Not really.

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