Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm losing it.

Literally, that is.  I have reached a very bad place where I am starting to lose things!  This week (is it a full moon or something?) has been a strangely unproductive, stressful, and holy-cow-I'm-so-behind kind of week.  The cherry on that anxiousness sundae was that now I'm losing things!  My dad's birthday is this week and I lost his present!  I had a letter for a friend to mail -- lost it!  Had some shoes to return -- lost the receipt!  Lost it all.  One thing I don't typically do is lose things -- never have, don't know why.  But that lucky streak ended this week!  Of course, it wasn't life-ending or anything but did add to the stress level around here.

Those of you who have been reading my little blog can probably guess where the lost items were.......yes!  The Room of Doom.  I've been so busy that I keep tossing stuff in there to try and keep the rest of the house manageable.  Sounds great in theory but apparently that tactic has its flaws as well!

The moral of the story?  There isn't one.  But it does remind me that as I continue this de-cluttering journey there may be a day where I have LESS stuff for things to get lost in.  This journey, however slow and sometimes frustrating, is WORTH it.  I know it is!  And someday I'll see the benefits much more clearly.

Thanks for walking the path with me, guys!

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