Monday, April 25, 2011

Organizer bins are not always evil.

I am not a big fan of organizer bins (for myself, that is).  I have a tendency to put a million things in them, put them "away" and then they and their contents are never seen again.  Only a very special few have functioned well in my house.  Here's an example of a Bin Success Story.

Before, under my sink was a hot mess (I love it when Niecy Nash used to say that that on Clean House):

I ventured into this scary place and found:
  • 3 bottles of lotion with about 1 inch of lotion at the bottom
  • 2 aerosol cans of deodorant (only one works)
  • about 10 hair products that didn't work for me but apparently were worth saving for years on end in my bathroom cabinet
  • some expensive salon conditioner that I thought had been used up ages ago
I put the daily-use items in a bin, pulled a few hair products to give away, and put the lotions on my countertop so they will be used up this week.  The cabinet still isn't pretty, but is a lot more functional now:

I also put everything in an organizer bin that has a handle so I can slide it out in the morning when I'm getting ready.  No more fishing around looking for things in the dark depths.

We'll see if this bin makes the cut.

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