Monday, April 18, 2011

I heart Freecycle.

Have you heard of Freecycle? It's a network (organized by geographic area) that allows people to post items to give away (for free -- never for sale/profit) or to ask for items they need. I love using it -- sometimes those weirdo items that I know won't sell at my garage sale or get picked up at the thrift shop can find their way into just the right homes (and you know I'm nutso about having my things go to "good" homes). Besides -- it's free!

I've gotten rid of a lot of items via Freecycle. My favorite part are the "wants" which I read faithfully, hoping that one of my sacred clutter items could be loved by someone else. Once someone posted that he needed a specific kind of kitchen stool and he posted a photo. I had EXACTLY that stool in my closet where it had sat, untouched (except by dust) for 5 whole years. I know this because I put it there when I moved to this house and haven't used it since. I don't know why, but I couldn't bear to part with it but as soon as I knew someone needed it it went!

If you are having trouble getting rid of unusual/random/strangely specific items, try Freecycle! Be safe, though -- remember that it's a public forum and not everyone on there is a Boy Scout.


  1. I really like Craig's List. Freecycle is kind of lame in my area, but Craig's List is awesome. It's not free, but it's still a great way to get rid of things and find things you need.

  2. I love Freecycle too. As you say, it's a great way of getting rid of unwanted stuff. I got some great plant pots.

  3. I'm another HUGE Freecycle fan - I use it all the time to find to homes for my clients' things, as well as some of my own. It's wonderful for things that are a bit hard to find homes for in other ways: opened toiletries (like shampoo bottles), toys (since thrift stores often won't take them any more), and a whole range of oddities.

    And I find almost everyone is delighted to find that the items they decided to part with - that they really weren't using - are now making other people so happy.

  4. Isn't it great? Just yesterday I got rid of some cosmetics that I hadn't used. And Jeri, you're so right -- even the things that would typically be hard to get rid of can find a good home! Once I got rid of an ancient Palm Pilot (we're talking OLD) to some eager beaver tech student who wanted to take it apart. So much better than the dump! :)