Friday, April 22, 2011

Farewell Friday: Postcards

 On Fridays I say farewell to something that left my house during the week.  Here's today's Farewell Friday item....

I love all things New York City.  Especially vintage New York City.  So when I ordered a tote bag (have you seen the Strand bookstore's tote bags?  Perfection.  Awesome-ness in the form of a bag.  I own waaaaaaaay too many) and got this book of postcards for free with my order, I was pretty enthused.

But is a book of postcards the most useful thing?  Once you've flipped through it a couple of times you've kind of finished "reading" it.  You don't really want to rip some out and mail them (first, I usually send postcards from a place I'm actually AT, and second, I don't want to ruin the poor little book!) and so it sits in its virgin state, gathering dust.

I finally was able to pull off this particular piece of Velcro Clutter and it's going into my garage sale (held in May -- so it's not going to be in the house too long) bin.

Goodbye, postcards!  To know you was to love you.


  1. Those ARE great tote bags--love the bright prints. I was so proud today, when someone offered me a free tote bag and I said, "it's okay, I don't need one". Progress! :)

  2. Emilie -- you are so good! I CANNOT resist them; even when I know I won't use it. For instance the other day a local store was giving out recycled shopping bags and I HAD TO HAVE ONE. Never mind that I already have some bags for groceries. I gave it to my mom.....who will definitely use it....but I have a PROBLEM! :)