Monday, April 11, 2011

Going to a better place.

I have a lot of clutter that I simply must absolutely keep because they are of Vital Importance.  You know what I mean; I'm sure you have some of these items as well.  And then suddenly, when someone comes along who can use and enjoy these items, they fly out the door.  I guess I just need to be absolutely certain they have a good home until I can release them (remember the bear?).

This happened to me this weekend.  I upgraded a small TV/VCR combo to a TV/DVD combo.  The old one still works (a few quirks but lots of life in it) and I found a friend who wants to have it.  Awesome! 

A few months ago I was decluttering my TV cabinet and found a bunch of VHS tapes that I just couldn't bear to part with (because, you know, My Cousin Vinny is a classic that I was sure to pass on to future generations).  Now that I'm giving this TV/VCR to a friend, suddenly a bunch of these VHS tapes are eminently let-go-able!  I guess that knowing someone will watch these and actually enjoy them (I still have a VCR but never use it) makes it easier to let them go.  Even the ones that I was certain I'd NEVER EVER get rid of (again, you know the feeling, right?) were easy to add to the bag since I knew they were going to someone who not only wanted them but was looking forward to getting them.

I have a sneaking suspicion a few more tapes will join these later today, too.......


  1. Since you asked, I, for one, detest Grease. I've never seen the cute move with the dumbest title ever. I've seen Sleepless in Seattle and Ever After, but none of the others. I guess that's why there are so many movies to choose from.

  2. OldColoradoNews -- you are too funny :) I think I love Grease because I played a role (possibly the SMALLEST role) in that play in High School. Nostalgia, I guess....

    It was interesting to see, when I was packing up the tapes, how similar they all were (romantic comedies -- nothing too heavy) and yet my DVDs (purchased much more recently) are quite different. I guess I really have changed over the years! Good thing, probably :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog!!

  3. VCR tapes. That takes me back. They were so bulky weren't they? I guess the thing is, you can always buy cheap DVDs on sale to replace the old ones - and not take up so much room!