Friday, April 1, 2011

Goodbye seems to be the hardest word.

You know those items of clutter that you don't use, don't need, aren't sell-able, and aren't worth anything? The ones that you cling to for some WEIRD reason that even you don't understand (yes, it always comes back to velcro clutter)?

Here's one of mine:

I have a few bears. Some are special (my teddy bear from childhood, a recent gift from a friend, the one that's great for hugging, etc.). Some are not (the ones that came with bouquets of flowers, the Beanie Baby that was a gift, the Commemorative Christmas Bear from So and So's Department Store). But they are still loveable and I just can't get rid of them until I know they have good homes.

{note: this issue holds me up a lot: needing things to go to "good" homes -- not sure what qualifies a home to be "good" but I waste a lot of time on it}

As usual, I come up with lots of bizarro reasons why I need to keep these things and usually they sit and gather dust for a scary amount of time. But I need to let them go! They aren't getting used by me and the longer they sit here the less useful they may be to other folks.  Stuffed animals are particularly hard for me -- not only do they have that sentimental attachment (some times) -- but I know a lot of places can't or won't take them so their future is pretty grim (the bears, not the thrift stores!).

How do you talk yourself out of this place? I'm still working on it.


  1. Try the local hospital? I know the one where I live take on teddybears in good condition for the very sick children or for the emergency room (as kids can get rushed there without a teddy). :)

  2. Hi M!! You know, I never thought of that! And these guys are in great shape (not played with, not smoky or dirty or anything). That is a fabulous idea -- I will try that!! Thanks!

  3. I had to reply to this, because stuffed animals are my worst clutter bugaboo. I have so many that I collected before I realized that clutter was becoming an issue for me. Like you, I want them to go to "good homes". While I'm intellectually aware that they aren't alive, the idea of just tossing something with a face doesn't sit well with me. And unlike a lot of other things, I really loved all of them at the time I obtained them. But at the same time, I have no way to properly store and enjoy the ones that I do have. I know this comment wasn't very helpful, but at least, you are not alone! I might just have to resign myself to working up to "rehoming" stuffed animals. Right now, I'm still on the relatively "easy" clutter, and jumping from that into my most "advanced" clutter might not be the best idea. As I go on, it's becoming easier for me to part with things, so I'm just hoping that given enough time, the same will become true of stuffed animals.

    (And yep, I've got a tuxedo cat too! :)

  4. Hi Amy - oh boy I can associate with this one! I have to say I have been through this fairly recently too. The hospital idea is great - please try that out first. In my case, I had a large stuffed toy that my son had won at a fair. I took it to our local hospital and they sadly declined on 'health and safety issues'. If you look back on my blog I've called it Boxermon. I ended up donating it to a local fund raiser.

    A great idea I saw on a blog recently (sorry can't remember which one) is to photograph the toys, have it framed and put in a nice spot. Then donate them to a suitable charity. I thought this was a great idea and will probably do this with more toys I have still stashed away. Cheers Wendy

  5. Hmm, I am guilty of hanging on to a little bear clutter, funny enough they are in the bedroom sat on a rocking chair, just 3 but I can't seem to part with them just yet.One of mine has a wheat bag inside so I could justify keeping that one I suppose.
    I like the photo idea Wendy :)

  6. You might try Freecycle for the stuffed animals - a good way to find all sorts of things a good home.

  7. Emilie -- I know EXACTLY what you mean! They seem like little living creatures (even though they aren't) and I feel terrible getting rid of them the same way I would an old blender. Too funny. I so get it!!!! :)

  8. Wendy -- thanks! I will have to look into it -- and Jeri, your Freecycle idea might work, too. Didn't think of that! So helpful, guys, thanks! I'll have to post an update after I find a good solution.

    And Dreamer -- yes! The wheat one is definitely justified :) hee hee