Monday, March 14, 2011

Arrivals and departures.

I know my bad shopping habits won't be cured in a day. But I do have some shopping "rules" that help (usually) keep my shopping in check. One of these rules is that if I buy something, something else must leave the house (usually because the new item is replacing it, but not always). Bought new shoes? Then I have to get rid of an old pair. New makeup bag? Then I have to, um, well, let's talk about this later....

Anyhow. Here's today's semi-success story. I was in a 5th Avenue Boutique today (ok, it was Rite-Aid, so sue me) and saw some cups. They called to me! I DO NOT NEED CUPS, I said. Still, they called. I was almost to the register and finally turned back, grabbed, them, and ran (after paying, of course). This shopping method goes against all smart-buying-systems I know of. But still, it happens. So when I got home I thought, well, let's make good out of this impulse purchase -- some cups have to go!

I made some tough decisions:

Here's why this is a semi-success story. I bought TWO cups, got rid of THREE (success!). I bought two cups (FAIL! I have 2938472938 cups already!). Of course, if you ask me I'll give you 34 reasons why these new cups are superior to the old (which is insane: do they all hold liquid? Check. Isn't that all one needs?). But let's put this in the "keep trying" category and hope that next time I can resist the call of the impulse purchase.

You guys know the feeling, right?


  1. At least you ended up one cup less overall :)

  2. Hi Dreamer! I know....what is that? One step forward, 3/4 step back? :) I like your positive thinking, though!!! :)