Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Calgon, take me away.....

Today was one of those days.  Nothing bad happened, really, but I just feel overwhelmed.  The house is a mess (remember those spaces I showed you that I'd tidied up?  well.......not so tidy today) and my to-do list has about 34 sub-lists.  I feel so snowed in and yet do you know what I just did?  Watched two shows on my DVR.  Yeah, that was certainly NOT the solution.

Do you ever get in that place?  Where there is so much to do that you just sort of pull your head in like a turtle and rest inside of your shell for a while?  I would think that's not the wisest plan of attack but the weird part is now I feel sort of energized to get a few things done.  Maybe 2 hours of CSI: NY was my version of a power nap?

I have no idea, but I'm going to run with it.

 (here's my resident Expert Power Napper)

How do you motivate yourself when you are starting to lose the battle against the clutter?


  1. Aww, cute kitty! Is s/he a tuxedo cat? Looks kind of like mine :)

    I'm finding that on days when I'm in a bad mood or have low energy, it's a lot harder to get rid of stuff. So I just wait until a day when I'm feeling more clear-headed. I don't know if you have a deadline (like moving), but if it's not an emergency, I don't think taking a day off is so bad. If it has you raring to go the next day, then all the better!

  2. Sometimes when I get overwhelmed, I do what I call a QFC (QuickFire Challenge ala top chef) I write down the next immediate 5 things to do. That could be small or big things - like take out the trash, make that phone call or pay the bills. It has to be doable and concrete. For some reason, I calm down and focus better. If I'm feeling frisky I may even put a timer on!:)

  3. Hi Emilie! Yes, Zoe is a tuxedo (a very old girl now) and since I have no kids she is an incredibly spoiled kitty. Do you have a tuxedo too? I love them :)

    I think you are so right about the energy being key to good decluttering. I have been so scattered this week (I even forgot to post yesterday!) that I am behind in so much. Today I have the day off and am so ready to dive in.

  4. JessieJack -- that's a great idea!! Five things is something totally manageable, yet I'll bet you feel so much more accomplished after getting through that list. I need to try that!!! Thanks!!