Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So not Julia Child.

I have a small side counter in my kitchen that is a PRIME dumping ground. One reason is that I don't cook much so that counter is rarely used for kitchen-y things. The other reason is that it's not in the main action area of the kitchen so the things there are out of the way and safe from spaghetti splatters -- so I can put items there and be lazy about them.

The problem with this is that if I have stuff I need to do something with (pay, decide, return, mail, read, etc.) it goes THERE. And sometimes it STAYS there.

After a busy week this spot can get pretty bad. Well, the good times are over, junk! Today you're getting cleaned up!



Here's what happened:
  • Cool Whip container put in bag in car to return to friend
  • makeup bag brought upstairs, put with the million other bags I need to weed through (remember my tip -- even if the final storage place needs work, don't mess with it until your primary mission has been accomplished)
  • Decorative candle put in bag in car to rehouse
  • Guitar book packaged up to be mailed; put in car so it's ready
  • Stinky used book put in freezer until I can think of something better (this sometimes works but not always)
Where are your trouble spots? How do you keep them under control?


  1. The kitchen window ledge is a clutter hot spot in our house. All sorts or random small bits and pieces end up on there.OH is the worst culprit as he deposits things on there when he comes in the back door from the garden.
    I have to keep doing a daily sweep of the ledge and putting things back where they should be. I'm getting so sick of it that I am planning on buying a blind for there to fit inside the window recess so that nothing at all can be put on it lol.

  2. Dreamer -- you are so smart!!! :) Do you think your OH will find a new drop-off spot?

  3. Amy - you've done a great job! I can see why it would have been feeling cluttered for you.

    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog - and wow thanks for linking my site. Very kind of you, and glad that you're finding inspiration. It looks like you're off to a great start - it does all fall together after a while and it gets easier to tackle things. The trick is to keep it that way and not fall back into bad habits (probably my worst habit!). cheers Wendy

  4. Hi Wendy! Thanks for your comment -- and for visiting!!! :) The vote of confidence helps -- I find that I declutter with great enthusiasm some days and then other days it piles up like there's no tomorrow. A never-ending battle, right?

  5. PS, Dreamer -- thanks for listing my blog on your site! I am new to the world of blogging (writing, not reading) and am AMAZED by the kindness of people out there in the virtual world. Thanks so much.