Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Carpe diem. Or at least the moment.

I think about clutter a LOT.  When I walk in the door of my house.  When I sort my mail at the kitchen counter.  When I am cleaning up after a meal.  When I'm working on my computer.  When I'm watching a movie.  ALL OF THE TIME, it seems!  Sometimes I'll be reading a blog, or watching a movie online and instead of purely enjoying what I'm doing half of my brain says, "see that bag over there?  What's in it?  You should put that away."  And then 10 seconds later I pause the movie, and go check out the bag.  I have trouble staying on task -- even when it's something I enjoy.

I want to try harder to be in the moment -- not matter if it's something big and special like spending time with my family or something as small and ordinary as watching a movie on my computer.  I don't want to constantly be distracted by what I should be doing -- or what I'll do next -- or what I'll do later tonight.  I want to truly be IN the moment.  And that goes both ways:  I also want to focus 100% when I am devoting time to clearing out clutter, or other "chores" that I don't necessarily enjoy so much.  I think I will benefit more from every experience -- the fun and the not so fun -- if I can really seize those moments and give them my all.

How do you stay focused?


  1. Yeah, I'm not great at staying focused myself, but sometimes it helps to have a goal or a time limit. Then once I've achieved the goal or surpassed the time, I can feel more comfortable moving on to something else. That's why I liked the "a thing a day" challenge. I started decluttering in earnest back in January, and now I am always thinking about clutter, too! Before all this, I rarely considered it at all.