Sunday, March 6, 2011

First steps are always the hardest.

I'm taking a page from some of my favorite clutter blogs and documenting my own clutter-free journey here. Perhaps you, my readers and friends, will help keep me accountable!

I've always loved the phrase "let go and go on" -- usually applied to letting difficult situations, emotions, etc. go and moving forward to a happier and lighter place. But how appropriate for clutter, too... by letting go of physical items we find we are lighter -- both emotionally and physically -- and can move on to a happier frame of mind.

For years I've been fighting the clutter battle and the support of blogs like

Duchess Declutter
365 Less Things

and the folks at the Unclutterer forums

has made such a difference.

Here on this blog I'll share items that are leaving my house, perhaps some items that actually come INTO the house, and some of the items that make my house a better place. All of those items have a place -- the hard part is decided which of those are actually clutter.

Join me on my continued journey -- and share your successes (as well as setbacks) too!

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