Monday, March 7, 2011

Velcro clutter.

I have lots of things that have been designated "out the door" (thank you, Peter Walsh) yet they are STILL HERE in my house. Why? They are my Velcro clutter -- attached by some mysterious yet uber-powerful force.

Sometimes it's pure laziness: I don't want to make the trip to the thrift shop.

Sometimes it's because I'm not really ready to let it go: even though they are destined for other homes they are still here! See? Still here! I still have them and can look at them and be near them (just kidding but sometimes clutter craziness can get like that).

Sometimes it's indecision: Do I really want this? Should I let it go? Does she or doesn't she? (sorry, got carried away)

Usually it's a mixture of all three and I think that makes for the strongest Velcro of all.

Here's a before/after set of a clutter pile that has been in the doorway of the Room of Doom (my horrible spare room) for about 2 weeks now.



It took a while to pull that Velcro apart but I did it. Well, most of it (my brown/turquoise nemesis is still sitting nearby laughing at me).

For now.

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