Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gimme a break.

One thing I'm trying to learn (out of the 29384729387 things I am working on) is that it is COMPLETELY, and TOTALLY ok to take a break.  Yesterday I wrote about how I'm trying really hard to be in the moment -- to really devote my attention 100% to whatever it is I'm doing.  I think that remembering to take a break (and allowing yourself to REALLY relax) goes hand in hand with this idea. 

Often I feel guilty when I am doing something fun at home -- I see the clutter around me, or the unfolded laundry, or the dust bunny nearby and instead of fully enjoying my book/movie/game/craft a little voice tells me I shouldn't be relaxing when there is so much to do. 

I don't mean that from now on I will relax 24 hours a day while the dust bunnies start their own colony in my living room, but it does mean that I want to try and remind myself that cleaning/decluttering/organizing does not need to happen every second of every day.  Things don't need to be perfect.  This is a journey, not a project with a deadline. 

I want to find, and take, those moments of fun and relaxation and really enjoy them -- and be confident that the work I'll do later will be and IS enough.

My cat has this strategy down pat. 

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