Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'm no minimalist.

My de-clutter journey is a little different than for some -- I actually LIKE a bit of clutter. To me, having the things I love around me is comforting and warm. I have items that remind me of people I love, places I've been, or that I just like. I arrange them in a manner that pleases me and am totally ok with the dusting requirement that comes with this choice.

However, there is a point where an area no longer feels cozy -- it just feels cluttered and overwhelming. I'm not sure what the tipping point is, but it definitely exists. Here's an example of my version of "good" clutter:

This is a shelf near my kitchen sink -- filled with some items that hold sentimental value and others that are just pretty, inexpensive things from garage sales or ebay. To some people this might ALL qualify as clutter -- to me it's something pretty to look at while I wash dishes.

And then there's the "bad" clutter, which makes me tense, anxious, stressed, you name it. This clutter is a visual reminder of things I haven't /should have/need to do and that I am not doing. A visual reminder that I'm behind, or late, or just plain lazy. I HATE this kind of clutter yet I will admit it persists in various spots around the house. These are the areas I am working so hard to clear out.

Minimalist? No way. When I'm "done" cluttering (is there such a thing?) my house will still be full of stuff. Maybe too much for a lot of people -- but perfect for me.

What's your clutter comfort level?


  1. Good post, and you have inspired me to think about my clutter comfort level. I have linked to your post on my blog.One day I hope to reach my comfort leval and then I suppose it will just be a case of making sure the clutter doesn't creep back in again.

  2. Hi Dreamer -- thanks so much! I'm heading over to your blog right now to read.

    I too am struggling with the "creep back in" part -- even spots that I've written about in this not-very-old blog have some clutter again! To me it's like weight management -- a constant battle....

  3. I totally agree with you Amy, I found as I started decluttering, that my definition of clutter, wasn't the same as everyone elses. What many liked, I felt was too bare. I like warm and cozy - my colors are all greens, browns, and golds - so going completely bare just wasn't my style.

    My definition of clutter, isn't decorative items, it's more the day to day stuff, and things like that. I'm a shopper. and a Garage Sale-ing fiend! LOL I have had to stop myself from these 2 things. I mean, like MAKE myself NOT go shopping! LOL I'll buy stuff just cuz it's on sale, and I might need it one day! That's the crap I've been decluttering - so much money down the drain. eek!!

    BTW, I absolutely LOVE LOVE the silver vase the hydrangea is in!! Gorgeous!! :)

  4. PS, I laugh when I see your makeup bag collection! I have one from Victoria's Secret - and always feel makeup bag poor! LOL Esp after I see your stash!! :D

  5. Hi Beverly! I'm so glad I'm not alone! I really do like my "stuff" around me and even pick up certain things from time to time and look at them with enjoyment.

    I am also a shopper, like you! It's so hard to stop, even when I realize what I've spent on things I don't need. I guess it's part of the journey.

    Thanks for the vase love! I bought that on etsy and that was one purchase I didn't regret later. The seller called it a "loving cup" and that description made me smile :)

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

    ps -- I am SUCH a makeup bag addict. I often buy my makeup in kits since I end up spending less for more items. But then I end up with pieces I don't need (like bags!). If you ever need some, let me know! They need a happy home :)

  6. Amy, I wouldn't consider any of your items on that shelf to be clutter. They make you happy - and there's no downside I can see in having them around. It looks like a lovely little tableau to me!

  7. Thanks, Jeri! Your comment makes me smile! :)