Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pick a spot and run with it.

All of the writing about clutter I've seen says to keep the focus SMALL. One drawer at a time, one shelf, even just one item a day. This does work for me -- keeps me from getting overwhelmed and if I pick something discrete I can see my success quite quickly.

Today I decided to work on my desk top. Unfortunately, the clutter here seems to linger, mostly because it's something I'm currently using, don't know where to put, etc. -- all of the usual excuses. Let's take a look and see what I started with:

(I think you can click this picture to make it larger)

During the clear-out I:
  • put the samples in my makeup box to get used up
  • filled a small bag of samples for my mom/sister to use
  • tucked the tissues back where they belong behind the monitor
  • found the perfume refills and packaged them up with the atomizer. If my mom/sister don't want them I'll put them on Freecycle
  • put the flash drive with my others in the "computer stuff" storage bin (to be cleared out later)
  • copied the CD (there's one under the samples) to my iPod and will pass it on to my dad to enjoy
  • cleaned/wiped down the entire desk top (cat hair has a tendency to multiply)
Another tip I've learned from my clutter-reading is to put things away if they have a designated spot -- even if the final destination is another trouble spot (i.e. my flash drive storage bin). If you get distracted by starting another clear-out in the middle of a clear-out your focus is diluted and you will probably not finish EITHER ONE. Trust me on this.

Here's my "after" picture:

You'll see that in my world, de-cluttered doesn't mean empty. I actually like to have the things I use/need out in front of me (i.e. the pens and paper, lotion, cup) but there is a line that gets crossed -- from happy/homey/comfy to cluttered! I am back on the safe side of the line now.

What area will you de-clutter today?

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